July 2016 Group of Sessions

Friday 8th July - Tuesday 12th July

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Business Done for the July 2016 group of sessions

Voting results for item 508 (Amendment to the draft Mission and Pastoral etc. (Amendment) Measure


GS 2023 - AGENDA and Timetable


Friday 8 July

GS 2024 - Report by the Business Committee [item 6]

GS 2025 - Appointments to the Archbishops' Council [items 7 & 8]

Church Commissioners' Annual Report [item 9]


Saturday 9 July

GS 2014A - Draft Measure and Pastoral Amendment Measure and GS 2014Y - Report by the Revision Committee [item 500]

GS 2026 - Nurturing and Discerning Senior Leaders [item 10]

GS 2027 - Draft Legislative Reform Measure and GS 2027x - Explanatory Memorandum [item 501]

GS 2028 - Draft Inspection of Churches Measure and GS 2028x - Explanatory Memorandum [item 502]

GS 2029 - Draft Amending Canon No.36 and GS 2029x - Explanatory Memorandum [item 503]

GS 2030 - Draft Statute Law (Repeals) Measure and GS 2030x - Explanatory Memorandum

GS 2031 - Draft Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and Care of Churches Measure and GS 2031x - Explanatory Memorandum plus Orgins & Destinations

GS 2032 - Draft Pensions Measure and GS 2032x - Explanatory Memorandum

GS 2033 - Clergy Discipline Rules 2016 and GS 2033x - Explanatory Memorandum

GS 2034 - Suspension Appeals (Churchwardens etc) Rules 2016 and GS 2034x - Explanatory Memorandum

GS 2035 - Amending Code of Practice under Clergy Discipline Measure 2003 and GS 2035x - Explanatory Memorandum

GS 2036 - Legal Officers (Annual Fees) Order 2016 and GS 2037 - Ecclesiastical Judges, Legal Officers and others (Fees) Order 2016 and GS 2036-7x - Explanatory Memorandum

GS 2038 - A Vision for Renewal and Reform [item 12]

GS 2039 - A Church of England Vision for Education [item 13]

GS 2040 - Archbishops' Council's Annual Report [item 14]

GS 2041 - Archbishops' Council's Budget [items 15-22]


Other Papers

GS Misc 1138 - Giving for life Re-ignited

GS Misc 1139 - FAOC Report on Communion and Disagreement. Further resources can be found by clicking at https://www.churchofengland.org/about-us/work-other-churches/faith-and-order-commission.aspx

GS Misc 1140 - Code of Practice as amended

GS Misc 1141 - CD Rules as amended by CDA Rules 2016

GS Misc 1142 - Audit Committee Annual Report

GS Misc 1143 - Clergy Discipline Commission Annual Report

GS Misc 1144 - House of Bishops Summary of Decisions

GS Misc 1145 - Anglican-Methodist Joint Covenant Advocacy and Monitoring Group

GS Misc 1146 - Report of the Archbishops' Council's Activities

GS Misc 1147 - Crown Nominations Commission Report

Recent Appointments

Note from EIAG

House of Laity Agenda

Chairs of Sessions


Notice and Order Papers

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Order Paper I

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Order Paper III

Questions Paper


Shared Conversations Material

Timetable - Sunday afternoon - Tuesday lunchtime

Grace and Dialogue Booklet

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