Private Members' Motions

Debates at General Synod can be triggered in a variety of ways. One of these is for a member of the Synod to table a 'Private Member's Motion' (PMM). In order to ascertain the degree of interest in each motion, the Synod's Business Committee arranges for the text of a motion to be available, during each group of sessions, together with a list that is open for 'signature' by other members of the Synod. It is also possible for members to sign PMMs electronically between groups of sessions. (Details of how to do this can be found in the resources section on the right-hand side) By putting their name to particular motions, members are signalling that they think they should be debated.

When putting together the agenda for the next meeting of the Synod, the Business Committee has regard to the number of signatures each motion has received in deciding which should be debated (generally there is only space for one or two PMMs to be debated in each group of sessions). While the motion with the most signatures is often the one selected there can be reasons for selecting another that has also attracted considerable support (it might, for example, be more time-critical).

Once a motion has been open for signature for three groups of session, it is removed from the Agenda if it has not attracted 100 signatures.

(Updated 27 July 2015)