Download the General Synod app

We're excited to announce that the General Synod app is available to download on iOS and Android devices!


The General Synod app presented on iPhone and Android devices

Once downloaded, the app allows access to an electronic version of the timetable as well as all the documents you need to take part in the session as a member. Any changes or updates to the timetable and documents are also sent to the app.

The app uses accessibility standards built into iOS and Android devices which means content should be accessible to everyone. All documents can be downloaded to your device so that you can read them even whilst not connected to the internet and you are also able to mark any documents to save a list in your own My Synod area.


February 2020 update

  • Confirmation message on Request to Speak form - this will confirm the receipt of the form by staff members of the Synod Office
  • Drop-down list of items in Request to Speak form - this will allow easy indication of agenda items Synod members wish to speak to. If any items were not found on the list, the option ‘other’ can be used
  • Flyers - fringe and other flyers can now be found on the App
June 2019 update

Download the General Synod app

Read our guide on using the General Synod app.

See the app in use!

One of the main purposes of building an app for General Synod was to ensure that the content members need to access are available in an easy-to-access and accessible way. Whilst the Church of England website lists all documents for each session, the app provides a simple way to view all the documents as well as an electronic timetable for each session of General Synod. 

We have already begun working on updates to the General Synod app and are exploring ways to enhance the functionality around member's resources, contact and messaging as well as secure areas for document uploads and downloads. We'd love to hear from you as a member of General Synod using the app, so that we can ensure that it is working for you. Please contact us using the form below for any help or feedback. 

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