Proposals affecting the benefice of Kingskerswell, Abbotskerswell and Coffinswell in the diocese of Exeter

The draft Scheme provides for the proposed dissolution of the Coffinswell parish, transfer of its area to the Kingskerswell one, alteration of parish and benefice names and associated matters.

Anyone may make representations (formal comments) for or against the draft Scheme. 

This consultation has now closed.


This consultation has now closed. As representations were received against the draft scheme, it is the intention that the matter was considered at the meeting of the Commissioners' Mission, Pastoral & Church Property Committee on Wednesday 22nd May 2024.

At that meeting the Committee decided that the Scheme should be allowed to proceed, notwithstanding the representations made against it. A full statement of reasons for that decision has been sent to the representors and statutory interested parties and a copy is available above.

If you have any queries about this draft Scheme, please contact us using the form below. 

To find out more, please read our leaflet "Your Views Count"

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