Why plan ahead?

No matter how far away it may be, thinking about your own funeral service now and making your wishes known can be a comfort to you and your family in all sorts of ways.
Close up of a display of old photos capturing different special moments throughout a lady's life

If you’ve ever had to organise a funeral for someone you knew and loved, you may have realised how hard this can be. A funeral acknowledges the sadness of all those who will miss the person who has died, but it also gives thanks for a unique life.

So you’ll have wanted to make choices that the person you knew would have liked, celebrating who they were and all that they meant to others in their life. But you would have also wanted things that helped you to remember the person.

If you leave details of what you’d like included in your own funeral, it can make these choices so much easier for your family during an undoubtedly difficult time.

As well as thinking about your family, you’re part of the lives of a wide range of people; colleagues, friends, neighbours. How do you think they will remember you? You might even try talking to some of them about it.

By planning ahead, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your family and friends have a good idea of things that really matter to you.

Use the links on this page to explore how you can begin to plan.

Funeral Wishes Booklet