Arani Sen

My name is Arani Sen. I am currently Vicar Of Christ Church Upper Armley, Diocese of Leeds. I also serve as Area Dean of Armley and Honorary Canon of Bradford Cathedral.
Arani Sen photograph
Arani Sen Photograph
Arani Sen photograph

I have been in my current parish for 10 years, an urban multi-cultural parish, with a diverse, growing congregation with social projects. Before that I was in London Diocese for nine years.  I am very willing to mentor people from BAME and more working class backgrounds, who are considering ordained ministry.

I have considerable experience of mentoring, through training curates, ordinands, readers and sponsoring three BAME candidates to ordained ministry. I serve as a Diocesan vocations advisor, and as a BAP pastoral advisor. As a mentor, I provide a supportive, reflective and challenging approach.  I would be willing to meet about every six weeks in Leeds. My interests include urban and multi-cultural ministry, community ministry, creative church growth and developing people into leadership. I speak French, German and Italian.

I was born in Yorkshire of Indian, Hindu parentage. As a student, I began my Christian journey, discovering Jesus Christ in all His fullness. I describe myself as open evangelical and charismatic, although I have gained much from all traditions of the Church of England. I am author of a book reflecting on the work of the Holy Spirit and changed communities – Holy Spirit Radicals.

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