Faith in action videos

Watch stories of faith and how Christian communities are making an impact in the communities they serve across the country.

These short stories are just some examples of the way Christian's live out their faith in their lives. If you have a story you'd like to share, please get in contact with us so we can help tell your story. 

  1. Felicity and Bishop Robert Springett

    Faith in a Gin Distillery

    Felicity Hall, Financial Director at Gin Distillery Bramley and Gage, receives a visit from Bishop Robert Springett who came to her work place to find out how she lives out her vocation.

  2. Jasmin and Bishop Sarah

    Living as an Ambassador for Christ – Jasmin’s Story

    In this video Sarah Mullaly, Bishop of London talks with Jasmine about their shared calling to nursing and the way in which Jasmine’s leadership in nursing emerged as a clear vocation.

  3. Three scaffolders

    Offering opportunity, seizing the second chance

    Gary Flynn, Director of the family firm London Scaffolding Network, shows Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington, the ins and outs of the scaffolding business.

  4. Rose

    Supporting those at the heart of politics

    Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin was the chaplain to the speaker of the House of Commons. Part of her roles included leading prayers that take place in the Commons every day before business starts.

  5. Richard

    Fixing the building for the community

    Richard Gascoyne, treasurer at St Mary's Holywell, is involved in looking after the church building and making sure it's fit for use by the local community.

  6. Pat

    Helping people find work

    Patricia Stares had been out of work until she came across The Thomas Project in Walsall. She realised it was a place that wanted to build a community and look after one another.

  7. Okiem

    Finding a spiritual home in the creative world

    Okiem, a pianist and composer, talks about his pastoral relationship with Revd Peterson Feital who is a minister to the creative industries in London and runs The Haven + London.

  8. Margaret

    Combating loneliness one cake at a time

    Margaret Extance, a volunteer at Christ Church Bayston Hill, helped to set up Coffee in The Living Room - a weekly village coffee morning held at the church.

  9. Ludovic

    Spending a year in God's time

    Ludovic Claude, an impact investment banker, speaks about joining the Community of St Anselm which is a monastic style community set up by the Archbishop of Canterbury for young Christians.

  10. Kenny

    Discovering God at a beer festival

    Kenny Thrower, a security worker in Hull, talks about how he started going to church after they hosted a real ale festival. He was interested in the singing and found the community that existed welcoming.