Free Download: Digital Promo Planner for your Christmas events 2023


Introducing our Christmas Campaign Digital Promo Planner!

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Digital Promo Planner - one of the resources for this year’s Christmas campaign “Follow the Star: Join the Song” (find out more here). You may be wondering why we're encouraging you to get planning for Christmas already, but by starting your preparations early, you can build excitement for all your upcoming services and events, while staying organised. So, let's kick-start the process and make the most of this Advent and Christmas season!

We understand that Advent and Christmas can be a busy and stressful time, so we've created this planner to make the process simpler and more efficient for you as you begin to think about what digital content you’ll create to share with your communities.

The Digital Promo Planner, designed with this year's theme in mind, allows you to plan up to eight weeks in advance for your events from Advent to Epiphany. While we've included helpful templates and links for your reference, please note that this planner is not prescriptive. Instead, it's designed to be a helpful guide for you to use and adapt according to your context, resources, and capacity.

Download your Digital Promo Planner today!

Image of laptop with Follow The Star: Join the Song branding and wording that says Digital Promo Planner 23

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the planner – how you found it useful, any suggestions for next year's version, and whether you think it could be helpful at other times throughout the year. Feel free to reach out to us via with your feedback the [email protected] email using the subject line Digital Labs feedback.

Together, we can spread the word about Advent and Christmas to our communities in more engaging ways than ever. 

- Digital Labs Team