Getting to grips with Twitter lists


Seen ‘Lists’ on Twitter but not sure what they are or how to use them? Twitter lists are a great tool that can be a really helpful part of using social media for your church.
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So what are they?
Twitter lists are curated groups of Twitter users. You can either build them yourself or subscribe to someone else’s list. Once inside a list you see tweets just from people in that list.

So why are lists useful?
Do you follow a lot of people? Sometimes it’s hard to find good tweets to share when your feed is changing so quickly. Maybe you’re looking for something very specific to retweet. It can be a case of information overload!

When you create lists, you’re segmenting the people you follow down into themed groups. For example, you could have a list of all local churches or local clergy. You might want a list of congregation members, a list of charities your church supports or just a list of people that tweet about a particular topic. This makes it a lot easier to consume, as well as easier to find relevant content to share, saving you time in the long run.

So how do I create a list?

  1. Click your profile image in the top right-hand corner of the page and click Lists in the drop-down menu.
  2. Once in the lists section of the site, you’ll see an option to create a new list.
  3. This opens up a window where you can give your list a name and a description, as well as choose if the list is public or private. If you decide the list is public, everyone will be able to see the list, who is on it and subscribe to it. You can change these details at any point, so don’t worry if you change your mind – but do be conscious of the name you give this list!
  4. In your newly created list, Twitter offers you a search bar to start looking for people to add to your list. You don’t need to be following an account to add them to your lists.

How do I manage my list?
There are other ways you can add people to your lists:

  • On every account, there are three little dots next to the Follow/Following button. These give you lots of different options, including add or remove from lists. Clicking this will open a window where you can select the list you want to add that person to.
  • On any followers or following pages (either on your account or someone else’s), the three little dots are on every profile block letting you add people to lists from there.
  • On a public list belonging to another user, you can see who is in that list and once again click the three little dots by their name to add them to your lists too.

You can add and remove people from your lists at any time and you may find that some accounts fit in more than one list.

How can I subscribe to other people’s lists?
On every profile page, you’ll see across the horizontal bar listing the number of tweets, followers, following and likes they have. If the account you’re looking at has any lists created, you’ll see them there. Clicking on this will show you all the public lists they have created and any they have subscribed to. Another tab will show you all the lists that account has been added to by other people.

If there’s a list that you would like to subscribe to, click on the specific list and you’ll find a subscribe button on the left-hand side. Clicking this means you’ll be able to find this list from your profile page easily.

How can I use Twitter lists on Tweetdeck or Hootsuite?
Using a site like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to manage your social media content? You can create columns using your created lists to see all the tweets together in one place.

 Tallie Proud
 Digital Communications Officer

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