Make the most of digital outreach this Lent & Easter using video content


Learn how to share your Lent and Easter stories better on social media with easy video tips and tricks.

As the season of Lent begins, we are called to "Watch and Pray," delving deeper into our spiritual practices and sharing our journey with others. In today's digital age, our message of hope and renewal can reach far and wide. In our latest blog, we provide a guide to help you increase the visibility and impact of your video content during this time, and making the most of the rich resources provided by our national social media channels. 

Understanding Today's Social Media Video Trends 

Algorithms favour video content, with a preference for both short and long-form videos on platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube. This diversity offers a canvas for storytelling to help you share your Lent and Easter messages. 

Tips for Churches on Facebook & Instagram 

The Power of Reels 

Making the most of Reels (short-form video option) on Instagram and Facebook can significantly increase your reach. Short, engaging videos that capture the essence of your church's Lent and Easter journey are key to connecting with your community.  

screenshot of reels on  st swithins instagram page
screen shot of reels on St Thomas church instagram page

Making the Most of National Church Content 

Stay connected with our national social media channels, where we’ll be sharing a variety of engaging content in the coming weeks, including beautiful graphics and videos that tie in with this year’s theme, Watch and Pray. Reposting and engaging with our content will enable your community to reflect and wait on God through this season. 

Watch and Pray - Resources for Lent 2024 | The Church of England 


screenshot of reels on National church instagram page

Creating engaging video content with simple tools 

Video Recording Tips Using a Phone: 

Lighting: Natural light is your best friend. Film in well-lit areas or near windows to enhance the quality of your video without the need for professional equipment. 

Low Light photography tips for smartphones | The Church of England 

Audio: Clear audio is crucial. Use a quiet room and consider a lapel microphone compatible with your phone to improve sound quality. Apps like Voice Memos can also record audio separately if needed. 

How to improve audio quality in video recordings | The Church of England 

Stability: Keep your phone steady. Use a tripod or rest your phone on a stable surface to avoid shaky footage. 

Framing: Frame your shot with the rule of thirds in mind, positioning the subject off-centre for a more aesthetically pleasing composition. Optimise your video for each platform. Instagram and Facebook prefer square or vertical videos, while YouTube favours horizontal layouts. 

Editing and Uploading: 

Editing: Use apps like iMovie (iOS) or KineMaster (Android) for editing or CapCut and Canva for both. These tools allow you to trim clips, add transitions, and insert text overlays directly from your phone. 

Uploading: Ensure the video file size and format meet the platform's requirements for the best viewing experience. You should also consider the call to action of the text you’re sharing alongside your video. Do you want people to pray, attend a service or visit your website? Make sure your ask is clear and simple. 

This Lent, you can fully engage in "Watching and Praying" by extending your digital outreach. By making the most of the content shared by our national social media accounts, and using simple yet effective video recording techniques, you can share your Lent and Easter journey with a wider audience.  

Remember to use the hashtag #WatchAndPray if you're sharing on social media. We'd love to see your reels.  

- Ruvimbo Makumbe, Digital Labs Manager