Top five tips to develop an effective church digital strategy


Elevate your church's online presence! A website and social media can connect, share faith, and showcase all the great church events.

You might've heard about the benefits of having a website and being active on social media for your church. They can truly make a big difference in nurturing faith, bringing people closer to it, and showcasing all the fantastic stuff happening in your church. 

Lots of churches often reach out to us about prepping their church's digital game plan. Here are five practical tips to approach this: 

Start with the 'Why' 

Why do you want to share a project or campaign? Maybe it's a priority outlined by your Diocese or Vicar, like boosting family outreach, launching a food bank, or making Christmas services more welcoming (like engaging in this year's theme #FollowTheStar: Join the Song!). Focus on doing a few things excellently rather than spreading too thin. Pick three to four key areas to rock this year and figure out who can help. 

Example: If your church aims to connect with families, your 'why' could be centred around creating engaging content for children's activities or hosting family-friendly events. 

Know Your Audience 

When you're planning your church's projects, take a moment to think about who you really want to connect with. It's like getting to know your friends – understanding what they like and care about helps you connect better. 

Example: Let's say you're keen on engaging younger folks. That means your content should talk their language! Instead of the usual, talk about things that matter to them—like how faith fits into modern life or how spiritual ideas connect with what's happening in the world today. By making it relevant and relatable, you'll catch their attention and keep them engaged. 

How to Share Your Content 

What content will you make? It could be simple, like using photos taken on your phone to tell stories about your food bank or showcasing how faith is changing lives in your community. Remember, digital is just one part of the puzzle. Use church newsletters, local papers, and in-person announcements to spread the word. Don’t stress about creating tonnes of content – we've got prayers and resources you can share on social media to keep it fresh. 

Example: If your church runs a food bank, a powerful way to share the impact is through short video stories featuring individuals who have been positively affected by the initiative. 

Measure Impact and Success 

Use the free analytics tools on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see how far your content reaches. Google Analytics is ace too, if you want to see how people are engaging with your website. Tracking impact helps you know what's working and what needs tweaking. 

Example: By analysing engagement metrics like shares, comments, and website clicks, you can determine which content resonates most with your audience. 

Learn and Improve 

Analytics are like guides for future campaigns. They show what hit the mark and what could be better. We do this with all our campaigns. Also, ask your congregation and those involved for feedback. It's gold when you're planning ahead. 

Example: If a specific type of social media post garnered more interaction, consider incorporating similar elements into future content to maintain audience engagement. 

So, there you have it! Updating your digital strategy can be a game-changer for your church. Remember, keep it focused, know your audience, and don't forget to measure and learn from your efforts. Your church's story deserves to be shared! 

- Digital Labs Team