National Ecumenical Staff Team

The ecumenical work of the Church of England is supported by the ecumenical staff team.

They belong to the Faith and Public Life team, based at Lambeth Palace. 

National Ecumenical Staff Team: Angeline Leung, Jeremy Morris, Tim Norwood and Matias Grebe

Revd Canon Dr Jeremy Morris

Revd Canon Dr Jeremy Morris, National Advisor for Ecumenical Relations (Secretary of CCU)

Jeremy Morris is the National Advisor for Ecumenical Relations for the Church of England.  His responsibilities include all aspects of the Church of England’s ecumenical work, but with a particular focus on the Church’s relations with other Christian churches at the national and international level.  He is a church historian and theologian, with many years of experience in Anglican ecumenical affairs.  He is particularly keen to encourage younger Anglicans with an interest in ecumenical theology and ecumenism, and would welcome approaches along those lines.

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Revd Tim Norwood

Revd Tim Norwood, National Officer for Local Ecumenism

Tim Norwood is the National Officer for Local Ecumenism in the Church of England.  He has a particular focus on the way churches work together at local level.  His work is concerned with the links between unity and mission..  He has experience in local church leadership, urban mission and community organising.  He is keen to explore new ways of being ecumenical in a rapidly changing world.

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Revd Dr Matthias Grebe

Revd Dr Matthias Grebe

Matthias Grebe is the Adviser for European Church Relations for the Church of England. He is the Co-Secretary for the Meissen Commission, facilitating the ecumenical dialogue between the Church of England and the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) under the Meissen Agreement. In the past, he has also served as Co-Secretary for the Reuilly, Porvoo, and Church of Scotland dialogues. Matthias' academic work is in the field of dogmatic theology and he has also published on ecclesiology and episcopacy.

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Angeline Leung

The team is supported by Angeline Leung, the Executive Assistant (Inter Religious Affairs & Ecumenical).