Interfaith relations

Presence and Engagement (P&E) is about equipping Christians for today’s multi-faith world. We believe the Church must remain present in diverse areas, and engage positively with other faiths.

We help local churches respond confidently and joyfully to all sorts of questions, challenges and opportunities which come up in areas where people of different faiths live side by side.

Presence and Engagement

Use the map below to find out which faiths are represented in your local parish!

1. Type your postcode into the search box to go to your parish. (The parish boundaries used are from January 2019.)

2. Click within the parish boundary to see a pop up box with the religious affiliation data from the 2011 census data.

3. The pop up also shows the religious affiliation data for the whole diocese - click through to the second page using the small arrow in the top right of the pop up.