Growing Faith research projects further our understanding of growing faith in the intersections between household, schools and churches. More details will be shared here as each project concludes. For more information, please contact the Head of Growing Faith.

We are also co-hosting a conference with Ripon College, Cuddesdon, from 29th-30th May 2024. This will be an exciting opportunity to hear more about the current Growing Faith Research Projects, as well as other cutting-edge research currently taking place in the field of children and youth mission and ministry. With input from Revd. Dr. Sarah Brush (Cuddesdon), Victoria Turner (Cuddesdon), Claire Dalpra (Brendan Research), and Dr. Matthew Kirkpatrick (Wycliffe Hall), it's an event not to be missed! Places are limited, so to register, complete this form.

Growing Faith in Minster Communities
Happiness Clubs
Children and holiness
Exploring how to grow intergenerational worship at all-age services at St Mary in Charnwood
The change agents: listening to children's stories of spiritual leadership in their school
A shared community: using theological reflection between priests and headteachers
Empowering parents
Faith and Belonging among Children in Hybrid Intergenerational Church in Haslingfield
Let us pray...anywhere?
Are we listening?
Church/school partnership and the spiritual development of children
Faith in Transition
School Chaplaincy
Growing Faith: Connections