The St Christopher's Educational Trust

The St Christopher's Educational Trust aims to promote religious education in accordance with the principles of the Church of England.

The St Christopher's Educational Trust, which incorporates the Hughes & Stevens Bequest, was set up to continue the work of St Christopher's College in Blackheath.

The Trustees are currently undertaking a complete review of their policy & criteria. However, applications may be submitted for the Autumn 2022 round of awards as below.

Current grant making policy

Organisations may apply for grants for research or delivery projects to:

  • improve the delivery of RE with particular reference to Christianity;
  • improve professional practice in Christian education and formation;
  • develop and/or deliver programmes of Christian education and formation for young people;
  • resource adults who are supporting the Christian education and formation of young people;
  • create post-graduate/post-experience scholarships to engage in research or programme development in accordance with the Trust’s aims.

Individuals may apply for grants to support academic and/or practical studies leading to better practice in Christian education and formation among young people.

Current priorities

Trustees would welcome applications which promote collaboration between churches, schools and households in contributing to Christian formation.


In assessing grant applications, the trustees will look for evidence that the proposal will contribute to Christian education or formation, that it is innovative or developmental, that the proposed outcomes are clear and will have a wide impact and that it relates in some way to the work of the Church of England or some other Anglican context in accordance with the Trust's aims. 

How to apply

Applications from any part of the United Kingdom can be considered.

Applications from elsewhere will be considered only if they relate to a course of study within the UK and are supported by a reference from an appropriate link diocese in the UK.

Application forms (for individual or organisational grants) are available below or from the Clerk to the Trustees and should be submitted electronically. The Trustees will meet to consider grants in November and applications should be submitted by October 1st.

You can contact the trust using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Application forms

The St Christopher's Educational Trust is a Registered Charity No. 313864 - In association with the National Society (Church of England).

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