Adjusting to subsidence, as part of a major reordering

St Edward the Confessor's Church in Mottingham (Diocese of Southwark) has begun to experience typical symptoms of subsidence in recent years. The root cause is a shift in the clay soils underneath the suburb, triggered by temperature increases and disrupting the concrete foundations of properties such as St Edward's. 

Although the cracking in walls and floors caused by this subsidence remains relatively safe for the time being, it will cause serious issues if left alone for too long. The church's insurance consultants emphasised this view, suggesting that it be treated as priority work. 

Since 2018, a series of projects have been completed, contributing to a general scheme of reordering. Chief among the adaptations to subsidence was the installation of flooring that can withstand further cracking in the foundations, while also supporting community needs.

Exterior photograph of Mottingham St Edward and hall Des Blenkinsopp (

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