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Useful documents for members of General Synod and those interested in their work

For an update on progress made on motions passed by the General Synod in this quinquennium (2015-present), please consult our Table of Business Transacted (updated June 2018).

Helpful documents for the July 2018 group of sessions

University of York Campus

Accommodation and General Information for July 2018 attendees

Request to Speak in a debate 

Request to ask a Question

Code of Conduct (including Declation of Interest: Recommended Code of Practice)

Expense allowances guidelines*

General Information

Guide to the General Synod

Synod Member Survival Guide

Guide to the National Church Institutions (NCIs) at Church House

Communicating General Synod: a guide for members

The Church of England: a background note

Accommodation and travel guide for London Synod

Expense allowances guidelines*

*Please note: the 2015/16 expense allowances guidelines is the most up to date version of the guidelines.  There have been no further 2017 or 2018 guidelines released.

General Synod Standing Orders (GS 2010B - Revised July 2018)

Guidelines about the Appointments Committee (GS Misc 1122)

Constitutions of the Committees of the Archbishops' Council (GS Misc 1123)

Instructions and Guidelines to signing Private Members' Motions (GS Misc 1166)

Synodical Legislative process

During General Synod

Request to Speak in a debate 

Request to ask a Question


Declaration of Interest: Recommended Code of Practice

General Synod Security Policy

General Synod Fringe Meetings and Displays Policy



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Synod Members' Resources

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