Children & Young People


The Church can be found engaging with and among children in a variety of contexts because it wants to:

  • Work towards every child and young person having a life-enhancing encounter with the Christian faith and the person of Jesus Christ
  • Recognise and welcome the capacity of children and young people to transform the Church and the world
  • Provide support and development for all those working with children and young people

Dioceses, parishes and individuals are supported in their work through the National Children's Adviser (Mary Hawes) and the network of Diocesan Children's Advisers.


Young People

The Church has a strategic role in developing and supporting youth work programmes that have as their primary purpose the spiritual, personal, and social education/development of young people of secondary school age (11-18 years) and, young adults up to the age of 25.

Young people's participation is a priority and integral to this is the work and development of the Church of England Youth Council.

Supported by the National Church and the Diocesan Youth Officers' network, voluntary and employed youth workers are able to engage with young people in a variety of contexts including parish, community, and school. It provides opportunities that are educative, participative, and enabling, for young people in the wider community as well as those actively participating in the life of the Church.

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