SIAMS Resources

The SIAMS Handbook, Evaluation Schedule and documents and templates for SIAMS Inspectors can be found in the resources box on the right.

All SIAMS policy and guidance documents can be found in the SIAMS Handbook. 


Templates and Guidance for Inspectors  

The following are available in the resources box:

  • Report Template
  • Pre-inspection Plan (PIP)
  • Inspector Claim Form
  • Inspector Record Form
  • Inspector Registration Form

The following can be requested by inspectors from their diocese or the Church of England Education Office:

  • Evidence Form (EF)
  • Final Feedback Template
  • Pre-inspection Analysis Template
  • Phone Call Template
  • Checklist for Report Writing
  • Preparing the Inspection Checklist
  • Inspection Day Checklist
  • Timetable Guidance
  • SIAMS House Style


If you require any guidance or can't find what you're looking for, please contact


The recently updated RE Statement of Entitlement can be found here.

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