Aggy Palairet

Vicar, Diocese of Coventry
Aggy Palairet Small Photograph

Hello, I’m Aggy, the vicar at St Francis Radford in the Diocese of Coventry.

I studied at Trinity College in Bristol and was ordained in 2019 in Bristol Cathedral. In my ministry, I am particularly passionate about championing social justice and inclusiveness for all people within our community.

In my spare time, I love to read a good book and listen to all kinds of music. I love classical music and choral music and I also love a bit of K-pop and sampling a variety of cuisines.

I am British Chinese, a priest, a wife, and a mother. Having been blessed with all these wonderful roles, I have to navigate how to juggle my time and energy well, so that I do not lose sight of the precious gifts that I am blessed with. For example, I set aside time for date nights with my husband and make sure I attend my children’s award ceremonies and nativity play. Before I was recommended for ordination training and before I accepted my curacy, my husband and I had many conversations about what my vocation means for the whole family: what might be some of the changes for us? and are we as a family being obedient, realistic, and informed?

I will be very happy to meet once a month via Zoom or in person, I am available most days during the week.

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