MES National Conference

Across the year, there are a few opportunities for all MES (and Future Youth) participants to meet together for teaching, learning and networking. The main opportunity for this, and the only one that isn’t online, is a national day conference, based in London, in January.

This is a comparatively new part of an MES year with the first conference in January 2022. The photos and video on this page are from that event. The date of the next conference is going to be Thursday 16 January 2025, an event for the 2024/25 cohort.

Guest speakers for 2025 are yet to be arranged. In 2022 we had Andrew Tremlett, Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, and Stephanie Iltchenco and John McGinley from Myriad, the church planting network. In 2023 event, the main speakers wre Chine McDonald, Director of Theos, the religion and society think tank, and Carl Beech, the pioneer and visionary behind Edge Ministries and the Edge Faith Community.

As well as the national conference, there are 2-3 online meetings across the year for all participants. In the past, there has been a variety of speakers including hospital chaplains, national evangelism leads, those involved in the Church of England's racial justice work, external organisations like Christians Against Poverty, MPs and occasionally Bishops!

Bishop Saju x150

+Saju Muthalaly, Bishop of Loughborough spoke to MES participants online concerning litrugical practices (in the broadest sense) that will help people in life. You can listen to the talk below.

+Saju, Bishop of Loughborough's talk given online to MES participants on 13 March 2024
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