Anesia Nascimento De Jesus Cook

Diocesan Vocations Adviser, Diocese of Sheffield
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My name is Anesia Nascimento de Jesus Cook.

I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In my youth I worked in dental care and, after graduating in journalism, as a radio and newspaper reporter in a Christian media centre.

I was ordained priest in 1993 in the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, after which I became priest of a large parish in the outskirts of Porto Alegre. Later I attended an Ecumenical Studies course in Geneva, and took Theology and Religion MA at St John’s, York (having moved to England in 1995).

I have been the Vicar of St Peter & Oswald’s Church in the Diocese of Sheffield since 2015, my fourth parish post in Sheffield.

My experience includes a former mining community, a rural town, council housing estates, Rotherham Minster, and now a more middle class and ethnically diverse area.

I’m married and have friends from all walks of life, of different religions and none.

Some of my other interests include justice, peace and environmental issues, liturgy in urban settings, Celtic and other spiritualities, multi-cultural ministry, and multi-faith dialogue.

Although I describe myself as a Liberal Inclusive Catholic, I value and respect the gifts that other traditions offer to the Church. I have a strong faith and contemplative spirituality. I’m very positive and enjoy dialogue, and seeing people discover for themselves the love of God in the world.

As Diocesan Vocations Advisor over several years, I love the privilege of being with people discerning their vocation. I try to provide a supportive, non-judgemental, reflective and challenging approach. I have accompanied people of many different religious backgrounds, ages, genders, social class, white, BAME and dual heritage people.

I am available for mentoring (in English or Portuguese), face-to-face, via video-link or over the phone, monthly or as necessary.

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