Ministry Experience Scheme: How do I get involved?

The Ministry Experience Scheme is locally-led and every diocese will have their own distinctive flavour. You can enquire about any scheme that interests you using the form below, feel free to contact a few schemes if you so wish. Visit our scheme map page to find out more about each scheme. If you would require a visa to be part of a year out in the UK (or Europe), then please state this in your enquiry and select "None chosen" for the diocese. You will then receive information about which schemes may be still be able to accommodate you (not all can).

You can use this webform to make enquiries with several schemes if you so wish but please avoid simply contacting all schemes listed.

Your data will be held by the Archbishops' Council. Before sharing your data with any diocese your consent will be sought. Data will not be shared with third parties.

How did you hear about the Ministry Experience Scheme?