Church of England Digital Labs

Welcome to Church of England Digital Labs - a hub of resources, news and events to support digital evangelism and digital discipleship in the Church of England. We’re excited to be expanding Church of England Digital Labs so that we can resource more churches with the right tools and skills they need to do digital effectively. Digital Labs now consists of a number of areas:

  1. Labs Learning blog: Weekly blogs on helpful topics for churches around maintaining a good digital and online presence
  2. Labs Learning roadshow: Large events held across the country, where we bring our training to you
  3. Labs Latest newsletter: Monthly email newsletters filled with digital hints, tips and good practice
  4. Digital Labs Live: An annual event for Christian creatives

Labs Learning blog

Through the new Labs Learning blog, the Church of England digital team and other guest bloggers will be sharing their knowledge on design, photography, social media strategy and more. Aimed specifically at those running social and web projects in churches, we hope the advice will help grow the confidence of the Church's digital skills and help us to reach more people online.

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Also part of Labs Learning is our social media training course. Since the beginning of 2018, the Digital Team have trained 2000+ parishes in social and writing for the web training. The training day looks at how to use Facebook and Instagram, dealing with negativity online, advertising, making the most of A Church Near You and learning about language and audiences for websites and social. The feedback we have received from the training has been really positive. Comments from participants described it as practical, comprehensive and informative.

If you’re interested in being trained in social media, please contact your diocesan office.

Labs Learning roadshow

In addition to our social media training and weekly blogs, we are beginning to run Labs Learning roadshows throughout the year. These events will be held in large venues throughout the country and we'll be working with dioceses to organise them.

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Labs Latest newsletter

We understand it’s not always easy to keep up to date with all the changes to social media and so we are producing a monthly email newsletter from the Digital Team. We hope this will help churches keep in the know. The newsletter will include news and updates from our campaigns, products and websites as well as general digital news to be aware of, links to our latest blogs and more. 

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Digital Labs Live

The Church of England's Digital Labs Live is an event held by the national Digital team which brings together Christian techies, creatives and other people with similar skillsets to help develop ideas for the church to bring people to faith and grow their faith.

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The whole group of Digital Labs Live 2019 at the event.

Digital Labs is part of the Church of England’s Renewal and Reform programme, aimed at helping us become a growing Church for all people and for all places!