Exploring the World of Digital Giving: What You Need to Know


Discover easy digital giving for your church—perfect for anyone without cash

Digital giving is all about using the power of the internet and technology to make donating super simple. This means people can give to your church without having to carry cash. It's perfect for those one-time visitors or folks who can't commit to regular giving. There are two main ways you can do this: online giving and contactless giving. 

Online giving is when you donate through a special web page that you can access using a QR code or a link (URL) on your computer or phone. It's like giving money through the internet. 

Contactless giving is for those who like to give in person. You can use your card or smart device to make a donation. No cash required! 

The Digital Giving Team is here to help churches get on board with digital giving. We're part of the Church of England's National Giving Team and We're all about equipping churches with the tools and knowledge they need to make giving easy. 


Here's how we can help: 

Rolling Out Digital Giving

We’re working on a big project to bring digital giving to over 2,000 churches across the country. If you want to know if your church is part of this project, check out their webpage. 

Webinars on Digital Giving

We host online events to equip churches with all they need to know about different digital giving methods.

Topics include: 

  • Introduction to Online Giving,
  • Understanding Connectivity,
  • Getting Started with Contactless
  • Christmas Digital Giving.

You can sign up for these webinars on their website. 

Guidance and Resources

We can provide you with a bunch of helpful info and guides to get you started with digital giving. You can find these resources on the Parish Buying website, which will walk you through setting up and using your online or contactless giving accounts. 

Diocesan Giving Advisors

We work closely with a network of Diocesan Giving Advisors. Your Giving Advisor works specifically in your diocese to give parishes hands on support, training or assistance in giving, whether digital or otherwise. To find out who your Diocesan Giving Advisor is, please click here. 

Get in Touch

If you do not have a Giving Advisor, or require assistance with any form of digital giving, please contact our support desk by filling in this form, and we will help you as soon as possible.  

That's digital giving in a nutshell, making it easier for people to support their church in the digital age. 


That's digital giving in a nutshell, making it easier for people to support their church in the digital age. 

- Digital Giving Team