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Welcome to the blog site for fresh expressions in the Church of England.

Here you'll find regular, relevant content aimed at stimulating your thinking and conversations around fresh expressions of church.
  1. Close up of several pairs of feet walking in a forest

    Could now be the moment for 'Forest' churches to grow?


    Environmental Engagement Officer in the Gloucester Diocese, Cate Williams, explains why Forest Church could see growth during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

  2. A line drawing of a church with green line-drawn flowers growing within and around it

    Can parish churches and Fresh Expressions co-exist in harmony?


    The Diocese of Leicester's Lead Pioneering Development Worker, Jonathan Dowman, considers how new and existing forms of church might co-exist in an increasingly mixed ecology of Christian communities.

  3. Line drawing illustration of a watering can tipping water over three plant saplings

    Resource Churches and Fresh Expressions – what’s the difference?


    In this blog, Church Mission Society's Pioneer Hub Coordinator, Paul Bradbury, weighs up what's similar and different between Resource Churches and Fresh Expressions.

  4. A picture of a word cloud for fresh expressions of church

    The language we use


    A blog by Heather Cracknell, Head of Development for Fresh Expressions in the Church of England, reflecting on the language we use.