Greenhouse ethos

Greenhouse aims to help you turn ‘good ideas into missional action’. We’ve found that this happens when we make clear COMMITMENTS and when we model our VALUES.


Making the following simple commitments will give you the very best chance of a fruitful Greenhouse:

  • Be part of the twice yearly gatherings known as a Learning Community or Community of Practice – prioritise them!
  • Use the Listening First Missional Journey as a map for developing a Fresh Expression or new Christian community, along with the Godsend material to help you move through that journey. (Watch Mike Moynagh in the short film below explaining more about the Listening First Missional journey.)
  • Always work as a team (2+ people) to explore how to be good news in your neighbourhood.


Embracing these wonderful values and trying to embody them in your team will spur you along the Greenhouse journey:

  • Courage – we know that sharing your experience, vision, dreams, thoughts and creative ideas can feel risky sometimes; but courage is the soil in which the seeds of new things take root and grow.
  • Community – by listening well, affirming and encouraging each other and paying attention, we can support each other and the other teams to flourish, during the gatherings and in between.
  • Curiosity – nurture a sense of openness, to new ideas and perspectives, by asking questions, wondering, and allowing your imagination to fly.


Mike Moynagh, from the national Greenhouse team, explains more about the Listening First Missional Journey:



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