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If you’ve had a look at the Greenhouse ethos, which describes the 10 practices of our approach, and feel excited to be part of it, there are different ways to join in!

We have a number of dioceses hosting a Greenhouse, and by joining in with your local Community of Practice you’ll have the benefits of shared understanding about your place and context.

Don’t despair if your diocese is not (yet) involved, as we also have a completely online community of practice you could join, which we call Dispersed Greenhouse.

Diocesan Greenhouses

Currently the dioceses involved are (in alphabetical order):

  • Derby
  • Exeter
  • Leicester
  • Lichfield

We are in conversation with other dioceses too and there will be more set up in the near future. We are also working with Blackburn diocese’s MPower training scheme, as well as the Missional Youth Network Church project in the Northern Province.

If you’re part of one of these dioceses and networks then get in touch with your Diocesan Fresh Expressions Facilitator to tell them you’re interested. If you’re not sure who to contact, drop us a line via the contact form below and we can connect you up.

In our current Covid-19 times most Greenhouse gatherings will take place online, with varied degrees of meeting in-person locally with your team (following Government guidelines to ensure this can be done safely). Eventually there will probably be a mix of gathering physically and digitally. 

Dispersed Greenhouse

If your diocese is not (yet) involved, we have a completely online Community of Practice you could join, which we call Dispersed Greenhouse. During the Coronavirus pandemic many people have got to grips with technology for meetings, and we want to make the most of this by connecting teams together wherever they are. Following the Evangelism & Discipleship Webinars staged during lockdown, we heard from lots of people who wanted to carry on trying new ways to connect with their communities - and we want to support these efforts well.

Dispersed Greenhouse will look very much like the diocesan model - while we are still not able to gather physically in large groups we'll be using technology to meet remotely online.

If you’re interested in this option, drop us a line via the contact form below and we’ll be in touch to find out more about your initiative and take things forward.

For further information about Diocesan Greenhouses, please read the summary document:




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