Labs Learning blog

Welcome to the Labs Learning blog. Here you'll find resources and advice on design, photography, social media strategy and more. Aimed specifically at those running social and web projects in churches.

The Labs Learning blog also includes our social media training programme which looks at how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, dealing with negativity online, advertising, making the most of A Church Near You and learning about language and audiences for websites and social. If you’re interested in being trained in social media, please contact your diocesan office.

  1. Everyday faith connection: Showing the Church at work…


    Nick Shepherd, shares how a simple prompt can encourage a church on their Everyday Faith journey, and how digital plays it's part.

  2. Everyday Faith connections a church around you

    Everyday faith connections: A church around you…


    How can we use our digital communications to connect people to the church around us Monday to Saturday? Here’s two things to get you started… 

  3. Everyday Faith: visiting the church at work

    Everyday faith connections: Visiting the church at work...


    For many people connecting faith and work isn’t as natural as we might think. Nick Shepherd explores how we can share our faith digitally.

  4. Case study: “How can St John’s pray for you?”


    Read how one simple post on social media prompted this person to reconnect with their faith.