• Abbey

    A church that is or was once the home to monks or nuns.

  • Advent

    The first season of the Church's year, focused on expectation and preparation as the Church looks forward to celebrating the birth of Christ.

  • Affusion

    A method of baptism where water is poured on the head of the person being baptized.

  • Anglican

    A member of the Church of England or other Anglican Church.

  • Anglican Communion

    Global family of Anglican Churches whose links include their relationship to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

  • Archbishop

    Leading bishop with authority for a province. There are two provinces and therefore two Archbishops in England – Canterbury and York.

  • Archdeacon

    A senior member of the clergy responsible for an area called an archdeaconry. They share the pastoral care of the clergy and do much practical, legal and administrative work.

  • Archdeaconry

    A set area of a diocese for which an archdeacon is responsible.

  • Area Bishop

    Full-time assistant bishop in a diocese – takes their title from a place in the diocese. Also known as Suffragan Bishop.

  • Ascension

    Ascension is a day which marks the ascension of the risen Christ into heaven, forty days after Easter.