• Denomination

    A recognised religious group that have their own beliefs but belong to the same wider religion. i.e Anglicans, Protestants and Catholics are seperate denominations of the Christian faith

  • Diocesan Bishop

    The bishop in charge of a diocese.

  • Diocese

    Main administrative and pastoral area in the Church of England – often roughly coincides with local county boundaries. There are 42 dioceses.

  • Discipleship

    A commitment to following Jesus day by day

  • Ecumenism

    Relations with other churches, aiming at deeper unity

  • Electoral Roll

    A register of members of the Church of England in each parish who are entitled to elect the parochial church council and attend the annual parochial church meeting.

  • Epiphany

    A Christian holy day in January (traditionally 6 January in Western Christianity) that celebrates the revelation of the baby Jesus to the world.

  • Eucharist

    An ancient name (from the Greek word for 'thanksgiving') widely used today for the service that is otherwise known as the Holy Communion, the Lord's Supper or Mass. 

  • Evensong

    A service of psalms, readings, and prayers in the evening (also called Evening Prayer).

  • Fresh Expressions

    Different ways of doing or being a church. This might be where they meet or how they worship designed to engage people who don't normally go to church