• Public worship

    Church services which the public are invited to attend and take part in.

  • Reader

    A person authorised by a bishop for lay ministry including leading public worship.

  • Rector

    Title of a member of clergy of certain parishes (like Vicar).

  • Religious orders

    Groups of men or women, clergy or laity, who bind themselves in a life-long commitment and fellowship according to a monastic discipline or rule.

  • Renewal and Reform

    The programme of initiatives spearheaded by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to contribute to the common good, facilitate the growth of the church in numbers and depth of discipleship and re-imagine the church's ministry.

  • Service

    An act of public worship.

  • Stops

    A set of pipes of a similar tone in an organ.

  • Synod

    An assembly of clergy and non-clergy church members to discuss and debate church matters. They can meet as a deanery, a diocese or a General Synod.

  • The Peace

    A part of the service of Holy Communion where people shake hands or embrace whilst saying "peace be with you". 

  • Vacancy in See Committee

    A Vacancy in See Committee is required to be in existence at all times in every diocese, but it only meets when there is a vacancy in the See. It has two roles: to prepare a brief description of the diocese and a statement setting out the desired profile of the new Bishop, and to elect the diocesan representatives to the Crown Nominations Commission.