Canterbury Ministry Experience Scheme

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The Canterbury MES is delivered through a local partnership with St Mary Bredin Church running a New Wine Discipleship Year training centre. Through NWDY / MES year students will receive two residential weekends with over 100 other NWDY students nationally, join in with the local New Wine Network, the Leadership Conference (Harrogate) and the Summer Conference (Peterborough), as well as having the option for an overseas mission trip. There are a variety of placement churches across East Kent with seaside towns, rural parishes, and semi-urban contexts.

Kent itself is the historic home of the Church of England and the place from which England was first evangelised. Canterbury has an ancient Christian heritage but is also a vibrant city with the highest proportion of university students to permanent residents of anywhere in Europe. In term time students gather on Wednesdays at SMB for worship, teaching, ministry experience, food, fun and prayer, with termly retreat days and socials.

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