Bishops' Mission Orders

Bishops' Mission Orders (BMOs) are made by bishops, as leaders in God's mission in their Dioceses.

In making an Order, the bishop endorses and authorises the mission initiative it covers as likely to promote or further the mission of the the Church through fostering or developing a distinctive Christian community. 

BMOs can recognise existing mission initiatives or promote fresh expressions of church. 

Examples may include:

  • A new network congregation for young adults across a town
  • A revitalisation of an existing congregation in a socially & economically deprived part of a city, built on a partnership between a number  of parties and the drawing-in of new resources. 

Code of Practice & Skeleton BMO and Instrument

The House of Bishops' Code of Practice on Part 7 of the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011 dealing with BMOs (GS 2109) can be found below. 

This incorporates the legislative changes made in the Mission and Pastoral etc. (Amendment) Measure 2018. A skeleton BMO & Supplementary Instrument have been made available to assist those preparing the legal documentation and can also be found below. 


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A senior ordained person who has oversight of clergy and lay people in a diocese.


Action to help the world become more like the place God intended it to be, and share the good news of Jesus


A group of Christians who gather for prayer and worship

House of Bishops

A body made up of all Diocesan bishops ( as well as The Bishop of Dover who performs many of the Archbishop of Canterbury's diocesan functions); the Bishop to the Forces; seven suffragan bishops elected from among the total number of suffragan bishops and 8 regional representatives elected by and from senior women clergy.