The Women’s Continuing Ministerial Education Trust

Woman  talking from Guildford Cathedral lectern Diocese of Guildford

The Women's Continuing Ministerial Education Trust (WCMET) exists to support the ministerial development of women in the Church of England and the Scottish Episcopal Church. We administer the provision of grants to female clergy, female accredited lay workers, and religious sisters in England and Scotland in need of financial support for their continuing training.

Retreats and Sabbaticals will not normally be considered, however, wherever possible, funding towards the cost of the fees will be awarded. Initial Ministerial Education courses are not part of the Trust’s remit and funding towards such ventures will be given only in exceptional circumstances.

Register your interest in WCMET funding to support your training below. Before applying, we encourage you to read the guidance notes to learn more about who can apply, what areas the grants cover and the application process. If you are, for any reason, unable to complete the form, please contact [email protected].

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