Energy Footprint Tool launches


Work out your church’s carbon footprint to help care for God’s creation
man with eft

The Church of England’s Energy Footprint Tool is now open for churches to enter fuel and power use from 2023.  

The data collected from the tool will help your church understand its carbon footprint and will mean you may be eligible for grants to help kickstart your net zero projects. 

This work is an essential part of caring for God’s Creation, by helping to combat global heating and climate change. 

The easy-to-use online tool will tell your church what your carbon footprint is, based on the energy you use to heat and light your buildings.

Shannon Carr-Shand, Net Zero Programme Manager at the Church of England, said: “The Church of England’s General Synod voted in February 2020 for the whole of the Church to achieve net zero carbon by 2030.  The vote recognised that responding to the climate crisis is an essential part of our responsibility to safeguard God’s creation and achieve a just world.  

“The Net Zero by 2030 programme was then established and as part of this, the EFT has been created to collect data to establish a baseline and help churches locally find out their carbon footprint. 

“It should only take about an hour to fill the EFT in and the results will really help a church to kickstart carbon reducing projects as we journey together to reach net zero carbon.”  

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