Energy Footprint Tool


The Energy Footprint Tool allows all churches around the country to enter their utility bills and find out their "carbon footprint".
Energy Footprint Tool (EFT) being used on an iPad

The easy-to-use Energy Footprint Tool will tell your church what your "carbon footprint" is, based on the energy you use to heat and light your buildings.

You can find it on the Online Parish Returns System.

Nationally, it helps us know our carbon baseline - where we are starting from - and how much progress we are making.



Why did we develop the EFT?
What is the EFT for, and where do I find it?
What have we learnt from the EFT so far?
Opening and closing dates
How does the EFT work?
What information do you need to hand?
Which green energy providers 'count' for EFT purposes?
Why complete the EFT, when COVID reduced our activities?
Once we know our carbon footprint, what next?
Who created the EFT?