Energy Footprint Tool


The Energy Footprint Tool reopened on 30th March 2021 for churches around the country to enter their 2020 utility bills, and find out their "carbon footprint". We know your utility bills will be low because of the COVID lockdown. Read below about how the EFT works and how this is being handled.
Energy Footprint Tool (EFT) being used on an iPad



Why did we develop the EFT?
What is the EFT for, and where do I find it?
What did we learn from year one?
When is it open for 2020 data and who can use it?
How does the EFT work?
What information do you need to hand?
Which green energy providers 'count' for EFT purposes?
Why complete the EFT, when COVID reduced our activities?
Once we know our carbon footprint, what next?
Who created the EFT?