Energy Toolkit


The Energy Toolkit allows dioceses, cathedrals and church schools to find out their "carbon footprint". There are a range of tools in the toolkit for schools, housing, cathedrals, offices, TEIs, and transport. 

The Energy Toolkit is now open (as of 29th April 2022) for you to enter your 2021 data. It remains open until 31st July 2022.
Energy Footprint Tool (EFT) being used on an iPad

The easy-to-use Energy Toolkit will tell calculate the dioceses carbon footprint, based on the energy used for heating and lighting in schools, housing, cathedrals, offices and TEIs.

You can find it online at: 

Churches have their own Energy Footprint Tool

Nationally, it helps us know our carbon baseline - where we are starting from - and how much progress we are making.



Why did we develop the Energy Toolkit?
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