Guide: Getting started with Live Streaming


Over the past year, online services have played an important part in keeping our communities connected and informed, as well as an opportunity to reach out to others locally. Here, we've covered everything you need to know about how to live stream your church services.

How to go live

Each social media offers the ability to go-live for free using the app or from your browser. Find out how below.

Read our guide for tips on going live with your service or event for free.

Facebook page

Which platform?

Which platforms should you choose to go live on depends on the purpose of your live broadcast and what platforms your community use.

A general good rule to follow is

  • For meetings or events where you'd like direct interaction or privacy, such as social gatherings, prayer meetings or bible studies, a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Google meet or Skype is ideal.
  • For public gatherings, services or events, where you want to gather a crowd, or video clips that you would like to share with a broad audience, use a social media platform such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Choose whichever platform your community frequently use to make it easier for them to find.


Equipment recommendations

Parish Buying offers four audio-visual supplier options for churches to choose from. Each supplier is unique and offerings range from installations of permanent equipment to portable equipment you can set up yourself.

Bristol Diocese have put together a helpful list of equipment recommendations for churches.


How do I improve my live-stream?

Going live from your mobile device straight to a platform is simple and effective, and rarely needs more than a phone, a tripod (or stack of books) and a good light source, such as a lamp or window. However, there are a few ways to improve your livestream beyond this, especially if you are starting to broadcast from your church building.

What are the practical considerations for live-streaming or recording a public service or event?

From equipment, safeguarding and those without internet access, we've explored some of the options for live-streaming from your church building.

Read the blog on Supporting congregations and people exploring faith online as churches begin to reopen for practical advice, and scroll down for how-to guides, resources and training for you and your church.

Safeguarding and GDPR

A Church Near You supporting online services

During 2020, A Church Near You has seen more than 40 million page views on the site, as people explored their local worshipping communities. To support churches with their online activities, new features have been added to the site to make it quick and easy to find and share online services and events.

Live-streamed services on the site will feature on this interactive map found on the A Church Near You homepage.


How to add online services and events on A Church Near You
Creating a page with embedded video