Guide to getting started with Live Streaming

Over the past year, online services have played an important part in keeping our communities connected and informed, as well as an opportunity to reach out to others locally. Here, we've covered everything you need to know about how to live stream your church services.
  1. Embedding video on A Church Near You

    Embedding live and pre-recorded video to your A Church Near You pages


    To support churches with their online activities, new features have been added to the site to make it quick and easy to find and share online services and events.

  2. Digital Labs website thumbnail

    Digital Labs webinars

    In this series of webinars, we look at different ways your church can use digital communications to keep connected with those who attend your services and events, as well as reaching out and caring for those in the local community around you.

  3. Digital Labs thumbnail 2

    Filming and photography in churches – consent and GDPR


    Sharing services online is an exciting opportunity to reach out, however, should be balanced with continuing to provide a safe and secure environment for all. 

  4. Person using a laptop to edit a video

    Easy video editing tools for churches


    There are a range of comprehensive and free video editing tools available to you to help you edit video for services, social media and websites. Here, we have collected a list of video editing software to suit every level of ability.

  5. Guide to setting up equipment in your church

    Guide to setting up equipment in your church building


    Whether you are livestreaming from your church using just one camera or you have a number of them, you can still produce a good online service. Here is some guidance about where to put the cameras and microphones you have in order to get the best results.

  6. How to create Subtitles for a video

    How to create subtitles for a video


    How do you create subtitles for your videos? In this blog, we take you through the steps for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

  7. 31 amazing tools and resources to support your online - or offline - church services


    Churches have been sharing their most used tools and resources used every week in their live streamed services. 

  8. Streaming software for churches

    Streaming software for churches


    What are the options for streaming software to use at home or in church? We've selected four platforms that will help take your live stream up a step.

  9. We don't want people to simply watch' How to build connection in your livestream services

    'We don't want people to simply watch' How to build connection in your livestream services


    Rev Matt Hogg, St Albans Church in Fulham, shares how they have created commnuity online through simple strategies in their live streamed services

  10. Top tips for an accessible online service

    Top tips for an accessible online service


    Revd Bill Braviner shares his top tips for creating an inclusive online church service - all steps we can implement this coming weekend.