Reimagining Care Commission

Developing a radical and inspiring vision, drawing on Christian theology and tradition, that reimagines care and support. 
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The origin of the Archbishops’ Commission lies in Archbishop Justin’s 2018 book ‘Reimagining Britain: Foundations for Hope’. As the Archbishop articulated in a key chapter, ‘Health – and Healing for Brokenness’, caring equally for the health of all, regardless of perceived economic or societal value, is a clear sign of our values.

The Commission, announced in April 2021, began its work in May 2021 and will publish its final report in January 2023.

"At the heart of Jesus’ teaching is the belief that every single person deserves to receive the dignity and love that God offers them in abundance. Adults who need help and support to meet their needs are an integral part of our society, as are those who offer care in many different ways.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

Watch this short video streamed live from Canterbury Cathedral during Holy Week in 2021, where Archbishop Justin Welby explores the relationships, commitment and environment of the place that Jesus counted as ‘home’ for the last few days before his crucifixion.

“Society is richer when there is dignity for all and we treat one another with compassion. We have become more aware of gaps in our society: we have not sufficiently valued and loved many people in care and those living with disability."

The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell