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Welcome to the Labs Learning blog. Here you'll find resources and advice on design, photography, social media strategy and more. Aimed specifically at those running social and web projects in churches.

The Labs Learning blog also includes our social media training programme which looks at how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, dealing with negativity online, advertising, making the most of A Church Near You and learning about language and audiences for websites and social. If you’re interested in being trained in social media, please contact your diocesan office.

  1. Everyday Faith connections a church around you

    Everyday faith connections: A church around you…


    How can we use our digital communications to connect people to the church around us Monday to Saturday? Here’s two things to get you started… 

  2. Everyday Faith: visiting the church at work

    Everyday faith connections: Visiting the church at work...


    For many people connecting faith and work isn’t as natural as we might think. Nick Shepherd explores how we can share our faith digitally.

  3. Free church social media calendar for 2020

    Free church social media calendar for 2020


    Organise your social media this year with our calendar, including campaigns, #hashtags and new post ideas for each month.

  4. Digital trends for the Church in 2020

    Digital trends for the Church in 2020


    We’ve collated a list of trends we think you should be exploring over the next 12 months as you plan how you’ll be using social media and websites as a part of your church’s mission.

  5. From stars outside churches... to makeshift camels. How have churches engaged with #FollowTheStar?


    Advent is well underway, and our churches are watching and waiting expectantly as Christmas approaches. Take a look at what has been happening across the Church of England this Christmas.

  6. Mossley Parish church star

    #FollowTheStar and our church


    Mossley Parish shares how the Christmas campaign has helped them to welcome more people in this year.

  7. Tutorial how to add tags to your services and events

    Tutorial: How to add tags to your services and events on A Church Near You


    Find out how to add tags to your services and events on A Church Near You

  8. Generate personalised videos for your church for free this Christmas


    Introducing the video generator tool on A Church Near You. Discover how to personalise national Church of England videos with the name of your church and invite people to join you this Christmas. 

  9. What to share on social media this Advent and Christmas


    Social media can be a powerful way to spread the word and invite even more people along to something this Christmas. 

  10. 10 Ways to use video content

    10 ways to use video content on your church’s social media and websites


    Video content is an online trend that has accelerated throughout 2019 and will continue into 2020.