After Ordination

Curacy, also known as initial ministerial education phase two, is a vital time in which newly ordained ministers continue to learn and grow in the roles to which God has called them.
Female clergy member reacting to child Diocese of Gloucester

It is the agreed policy of the House of Bishops that newly ordained ministers should serve at least three years in a training post before taking on a post of incumbent status.

You will find our policy and guidance for dioceses below:

Appointment of curates

New formation frameworks (from Autumn 2022)

It is up to each diocese when to introduce these for their curates. They may be used for any curate from Autumn 2022, but must be used for those ordained deacon in or after 2024. Some more detailed suggestions for curriculum are available from the National Ministry Team. Guidance on reporting and assessment will be produced by Summer 2022.

Title posts

After their first phase of training, ordinands need a ‘title post’ to which they will be ordained and in which they will continue their training as a curate.

For ordinands who have been ‘released’ by their sponsoring diocese and are seeking a title post in a different diocese, this page acts as a noticeboard of vacant positions. Click on the headings below for more information. Please use the contact details provided with each advert for more information on the post and how to apply. This list has the most recent notices at the top.

Guidance and support for candidates during this process is the responsibility of the ordinand’s TEI and sponsoring diocese, with the TEI normally taking the lead role when candidates are considering a title post in a different diocese, so please raise any questions or concerns with your TEI.

Available curacies

Choir of St Philips Cathedral, Birmingham
Curacies at Diocese of Birmingham

Available curacy vacancies at the Diocese of Birmingham.

Compton Greenfield, Diocese of Bristol
Curacies at Diocese of Bristol

Available curacy vacancies at the Diocese of Bristol.

View down the aisle at Derby Cathedral during service Diocese of Derby
Curacies at Diocese of Derby

Available curacy vacancies at the Diocese of Derby.

Gloucester church exterior on cloudy day
Curacies at Diocese of Gloucester

Available curacy vacancies at the Diocese of Gloucester.

Woman  talking from Guildford Cathedral lectern Diocese of Guildford
Curacies at Diocese of Guildford

Available curacy vacancies at the Diocese of Guildford.

Hereford Cathedral
Curacies at Diocese of Hereford

Available curacy vacancies at the Diocese of Hereford.