Ceremony planner – with downloadable planning booklet

Here you can begin thinking about your ideas for hymns, readings, prayers and music and download a ceremony planning booklet to help.

It’s exciting to start planning your wedding ceremony and think about how you’d like to make it unique and personal. Here you can browse pages to inspire and help you with your choices of hymns, readings and other music.

You can also download this PDF ceremony planner which can be filled in, saved into your usual computer files and emailed to your vicar when you’re ready to talk.

Wedding decorations: a bow tied to a pew end

Ceremony Planner Booklet

Follow this link to download your Ceremony Planner Booklet and start planning.

Once you’ve downloaded the booklet, choose ‘Save as’ from your File menu and save it into your usual computer files. You can then edit it as you need to, whenever you want.