Real Weddings

Be inspired when you see how even a small selection of real church weddings can all be so different.

A summer fete-style wedding, which took place in the church from start to finish, made sure everyone could be included.

Claire and Philip enjoyed their wedding day so much, they shared their story with us.

Casey Thorpe explained how her dad helped her get to church on time, in thunderous, jaw-dropping style!

Discover how guests made this Lambeth wedding everything the bride and groom had hoped for.

Becky and Jamie went ahead with their wedding during pandemic restrictions and discovered how special a quieter wedding could be.

Tommy and Lucy had wanted a wedding abroad, but when pandemic restriction hit, they decided not to postpone, and planned their UK church wedding within just two months!

The support of their church meant the world to Karen and Paul, who married just two days before Christmas.

Footy fans Colin and Flo married close to their club's ground. They received such a warm welcome they kept going to the church long after the wedding.

Katie and Andy discovered their village church through their wedding arrangements, and have never looked back.