Christian Initiation - Additional Baptism Texts in Accessible Language

The alternative Baptism Texts have been prepared and authorized in response to a motion by the Liverpool Diocesan Synod requesting texts in language that is more accessible to many of those who ask for baptism. It was recognized that the Decision and the Prayer over the Water in the Common Worship: Christian Initiation rites were particularly difficult for many. The General Synod accepted this need, and these texts are the result of much careful work.

What we describe as the ‘language’ of faith includes not only words and actions but also a culture of understanding what the Church, the Bible, the Sacraments and prayer are for. In many parishes this language or culture of faith is not shared by many of those with a deep spiritual yearning and who ask for baptism because they want the very best for their children or for themselves. Clergy and others involved in the ministry of baptism are urged to read the following notes and commentary with care, in addition to the helpful Introduction provided in Common Worship: Christian Initiation.

Common Worship: Christian Initiation - Additional Baptism Texts in Accessible Language, material from which is included here,
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