Psalm 101

1    I will sing of faithfulness and justice;  

to you, O Lord, will I sing.

2    Let me be wise in the way that is perfect:  

when will you come to me?

3    I will walk with purity of heart  

within the walls of my house.

4    I will not set before my eyes  

a counsel that is evil.

5    I abhor the deeds of unfaithfulness;  

they shall not cling to me.

6    A crooked heart shall depart from me;  

I will not know a wicked person.

7    One who slanders a neighbour in secret  

I will quickly put to silence.

8    Haughty eyes and an arrogant heart  

I will not endure.

9    My eyes are upon the faithful in the land,  

that they may dwell with me.

10  One who walks in the way that is pure  

shall be my servant.

11  There shall not dwell in my house  

one that practises deceit.

12  One who utters falsehood  

shall not continue in my sight.

13  Morning by morning will I put to silence  

all the wicked in the land,

14  To cut off from the city of the Lord  

all those who practise evil.


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