55c Benedictus (The Song of Zechariah)

Bless the Lord, the God of Israel,

who has come to set us free.

He has raised for us a Saviour

sprung from royal David’s tree.

Through his prophets God had spoken

of the hope the Christ would bring;

of his faithfulness and mercy

let each generation sing.

Long ago God made a promise

he would set his people free,

that in all our life and worship

we might know true liberty,

to be holy, to be righteous

in his sight throughout our days;

now this child will be a herald

making ready all God’s ways.

Let all people know salvation

through forgiveness of their sin,

as our God in his compassion

bids a shining dawn begin.

So may all who dwell in darkness

see the shadows disappear

while he guides our feet in pathways

where his peace is ever near.

To the Father be all glory

with the Spirit and the Son,

as it was, is now and shall be

while eternal ages run.

Anne Harrison

(Tune: 87 87 D, e.g. ‘Corvedale’)


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