Psalm 12

Refrain:    You, O Lord, will watch over us.

1    Help me, Lord, for no one godly is left;  

the faithful have vanished from the whole human race.

2    They all speak falsely with their neighbour;  

they flatter with their lips, but speak from a double heart.

3    O that the Lord would cut off all flattering lips  

and the tongue that speaks proud boasts!

4    Those who say, ‘With our tongue will we prevail;  

our lips we will use; who is lord over us?’ [R]

5    ‘Because of the oppression of the needy,

and the groaning of the poor,  

I will rise up now,’ says the Lord,

‘and set them in the safety that they long for.’

6    The words of the Lord are pure words,  

like silver refined in the furnace

and purified seven times in the fire.

7    You, O Lord, will watch over us  

and guard us from this generation for ever.

8    The wicked strut on every side,  

when what is vile is exalted by the whole human race.

Refrain:    You, O Lord, will watch over us.

Lord, when faith is faint

and speech veils our intentions,

restore us by your word of power and purity,

both now and for ever.


Common Worship: Daily Prayer, material from which is included here,
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