Psalm 59

Refrain:    You, O God, are my strong tower.

1    Rescue me from my enemies, O my God;  

set me high above those that rise up against me.

2    Save me from the evildoers  

and from murderous foes deliver me.

3    For see how they lie in wait for my soul  

and the mighty stir up trouble against me.

4    Not for any fault or sin of mine, O Lord;  

for no offence, they run and prepare themselves for war.

5    Rouse yourself, come to my aid and see;  

for you are the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel.

6    Awake, and judge all the nations;  

show no mercy to the evil traitors. [R]

7    They return at nightfall and snarl like dogs  

and prowl about the city.

8    They pour out evil words with their mouths;

swords are on their lips;  

‘For who’, they say, ‘can hear us?’

9    But you laugh at them, O Lord;  

you hold all the nations in derision.

10  For you, O my strength, will I watch;  

you, O God, are my strong tower.

11  My God in his steadfast love will come to me;  

he will let me behold the downfall of my enemies. [R]

12  Slay them not, lest my people forget;  

send them reeling by your might

and bring them down, O Lord our shield.

13  For the sins of their mouth, for the words of their lips,  

let them be taken in their pride.

14  For the cursing and falsehood they have uttered,  

consume them in wrath, consume them till they are no more.

15  And they shall know that God rules in Jacob,  

and to the ends of the earth. [R]

16  And still they return at nightfall and snarl like dogs  

and prowl about the city.

17  Though they forage for something to devour,  

and howl if they are not filled,

18  Yet will I sing of your strength  

and every morning praise your steadfast love;

19  For you have been my stronghold,  

my refuge in the day of my trouble.

20  To you, O my strength, will I sing;  

for you, O God, are my refuge,

my God of steadfast love.

Refrain:    You, O God, are my strong tower.

Strong and merciful God,

stand with the oppressed

against the triumph of evil

and the complacency of your people,

and establish in Jesus Christ

your new order of generosity and joy,

for he is alive and reigns now and for ever.


Common Worship: Daily Prayer, material from which is included here,
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