Psalm 119

1 Aleph

1    Blessed are those whose way is pure,  

who walk in the law of the Lord.

2    Blessed are those who keep his testimonies  

and seek him with their whole heart,

3    Those who do no wickedness,  

but walk in his ways.

4    You, O Lord, have charged  

that we should diligently keep your commandments.

5    O that my ways were made so direct  

that I might keep your statutes.

6    Then should I not be put to shame,  

because I have regard for all your commandments.

7    I will thank you with an unfeigned heart,  

when I have learned your righteous judgements.

8    I will keep your statutes;  

O forsake me not utterly.

2 Beth

9    How shall young people cleanse their way  

to keep themselves according to your word?

10  With my whole heart have I sought you;  

O let me not go astray from your commandments.

11  Your words have I hidden within my heart,  

that I should not sin against you.

12  Blessed are you, O Lord;  

O teach me your statutes.

13  With my lips have I been telling  

of all the judgements of your mouth.

14  I have taken greater delight in the way of your testimonies  

than in all manner of riches.

15  I will meditate on your commandments  

and contemplate your ways.

16  My delight shall be in your statutes  

and I will not forget your word.

3 Gimel

17  O do good to your servant that I may live,  

and so shall I keep your word.

18  Open my eyes, that I may see  

the wonders of your law.

19  I am a stranger upon earth;  

hide not your commandments from me.

20  My soul is consumed at all times  

with fervent longing for your judgements.

21  You have rebuked the arrogant;  

cursed are those who stray from your commandments.

22  Turn from me shame and rebuke,  

for I have kept your testimonies.

23  Rulers also sit and speak against me,  

but your servant meditates on your statutes.

24  For your testimonies are my delight;  

they are my faithful counsellors.

4 Daleth

25  My soul cleaves to the dust;  

O give me life according to your word.

26  I have acknowledged my ways and you have answered me;  

O teach me your statutes.

27  Make me understand the way of your commandments,  

and so shall I meditate on your wondrous works.

28  My soul melts away in tears of sorrow;  

raise me up according to your word.

29  Take from me the way of falsehood;  

be gracious to me through your law.

30  I have chosen the way of truth  

and your judgements have I laid before me.

31  I hold fast to your testimonies;  

O Lord, let me not be put to shame.

32  I will run the way of your commandments,  

when you have set my heart at liberty.

5 He

33  Teach me, O Lord, the way of your statutes  

and I shall keep it to the end.

34  Give me understanding and I shall keep your law;  

I shall keep it with my whole heart.

35  Lead me in the path of your commandments,  

for therein is my delight.

36  Incline my heart to your testimonies  

and not to unjust gain.

37  Turn away my eyes lest they gaze on vanities;  

O give me life in your ways.

38  Confirm to your servant your promise,  

which stands for all who fear you.

39  Turn away the reproach which I dread,  

because your judgements are good.

40  Behold, I long for your commandments;  

in your righteousness give me life.

6 Waw

41  Let your faithful love come unto me, O Lord,  

even your salvation, according to your promise.

42  Then shall I answer those who taunt me,  

for my trust is in your word.

43  O take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth,  

for my hope is in your judgements.

44  So shall I always keep your law;  

I shall keep it for ever and ever.

45  I will walk at liberty,  

because I study your commandments.

46  I will tell of your testimonies, even before kings,  

and will not be ashamed.

47  My delight shall be in your commandments,  

which I have greatly loved.

48  My hands will I lift up to your commandments,

    which I love,  

and I will meditate on your statutes.

7 Zayin

49  Remember your word to your servant,  

on which you have built my hope.

50  This is my comfort in my trouble,  

that your promise gives me life.

51  The proud have derided me cruelly,  

but I have not turned aside from your law.

52  I have remembered your everlasting judgements, O Lord,  

and have been comforted.

53  I am seized with indignation at the wicked,  

for they have forsaken your law.

54  Your statutes have been like songs to me  

in the house of my pilgrimage.

55  I have thought on your name in the night, O Lord,  

and so have I kept your law.

56  These blessings have been mine,  

for I have kept your commandments.

8 Heth

57  You only are my portion, O Lord;  

I have promised to keep your words.

58  I entreat you with all my heart,  

be merciful to me according to your promise.

59  I have considered my ways  

and turned my feet back to your testimonies.

60  I made haste and did not delay  

to keep your commandments.

61  Though the cords of the wicked entangle me,  

I do not forget your law.

62  At midnight I will rise to give you thanks,  

because of your righteous judgements.

63  I am a companion of all those who fear you,  

those who keep your commandments.

64  The earth, O Lord, is full of your faithful love;  

instruct me in your statutes.

9 Teth

65  You have dealt graciously with your servant,  

according to your word, O Lord.

66  O teach me true understanding and knowledge,  

for I have trusted in your commandments.

67  Before I was afflicted I went astray,  

but now I keep your word.

68  You are gracious and do good;  

O Lord, teach me your statutes.

69  The proud have smeared me with lies,  

but I will keep your commandments with my whole heart.

70  Their heart has become gross with fat,  

but my delight is in your law.

71  It is good for me that I have been afflicted,  

that I may learn your statutes.

72  The law of your mouth is dearer to me  

than a hoard of gold and silver.

10 Yodh

73  Your hands have made me and fashioned me;  

give me understanding, that I may learn your commandments.

74  Those who fear you will be glad when they see me,  

because I have hoped in your word.

75  I know, O Lord, that your judgements are right,  

and that in very faithfulness you caused me to be troubled.

76  Let your faithful love be my comfort,  

according to your promise to your servant.

77  Let your tender mercies come to me, that I may live,  

for your law is my delight.

78  Let the proud be put to shame, for they wrong me with lies;  

but I will meditate on your commandments.

79  Let those who fear you turn to me,  

even those who know your testimonies.

80  Let my heart be sound in your statutes,  

that I may not be put to shame.

11 Kaph

81  My soul is pining for your salvation;  

I have hoped in your word.

82  My eyes fail with watching for your word,  

while I say, ‘O when will you comfort me?’

83  I have become like a wineskin in the smoke,  

yet I do not forget your statutes.

84  How many are the days of your servant?  

When will you bring judgement on those who persecute me?

85  The proud have dug pits for me  

in defiance of your law.

86  All your commandments are true;  

help me, for they persecute me with falsehood.

87  They had almost made an end of me on earth,  

but I have not forsaken your commandments.

88  Give me life according to your loving-kindness;  

so shall I keep the testimonies of your mouth.

12 Lamedh

89  O Lord, your word is everlasting;  

it ever stands firm in the heavens.

90  Your faithfulness also remains from one generation to another;  

you have established the earth and it abides.

91  So also your judgements stand firm this day,  

for all things are your servants.

92  If your law had not been my delight,  

I should have perished in my trouble.

93  I will never forget your commandments,  

for by them you have given me life.

94  I am yours, O save me!  

For I have sought your commandments.

95  The wicked have waited for me to destroy me,  

but I will meditate on your testimonies.

96  I have seen an end of all perfection,  

but your commandment knows no bounds.

13 Mem

97  Lord, how I love your law!  

All the day long it is my study.

98  Your commandments have made me wiser than my enemies,  

for they are ever with me.

99  I have more understanding than all my teachers,  

for your testimonies are my meditation.

100 I am wiser than the aged,  

because I keep your commandments.

101 I restrain my feet from every evil way,  

that I may keep your word.

102 I have not turned aside from your judgements,  

for you have been my teacher.

103 How sweet are your words on my tongue!  

They are sweeter than honey to my mouth.

104 Through your commandments I get understanding;  

therefore I hate all lying ways.

14 Nun

105 Your word is a lantern to my feet  

and a light upon my path.

106 I have sworn and will fulfil it,  

to keep your righteous judgements.

107 I am troubled above measure;  

give me life, O Lord, according to your word.

108 Accept the freewill offering of my mouth, O Lord,  

and teach me your judgements.

109 My soul is ever in my hand,  

yet I do not forget your law.

110 The wicked have laid a snare for me,  

but I have not strayed from your commandments.

111 Your testimonies have I claimed as my heritage for ever;  

for they are the very joy of my heart.

112 I have applied my heart to fulfil your statutes:  

always, even to the end.

15 Samekh

113 I hate those who are double-minded,  

but your law do I love.

114 You are my hiding place and my shield  

and my hope is in your word.

115 Away from me, you wicked!  

I will keep the commandments of my God.

116 Sustain me according to your promise, that I may live,  

and let me not be disappointed in my hope.

117 Hold me up and I shall be saved,  

and my delight shall be ever in your statutes.

118 You set at nought those who depart from your statutes,  

for their deceiving is in vain.

119 You consider all the wicked as dross;  

therefore I love your testimonies.

120 My flesh trembles for fear of you  

and I am afraid of your judgements.

16 Ayin

121 I have done what is just and right;  

O give me not over to my oppressors.

122 Stand surety for your servant’s good;  

let not the proud oppress me.

123 My eyes fail with watching for your salvation  

and for your righteous promise.

124 O deal with your servant according to your faithful love  

and teach me your statutes.

125 I am your servant; O grant me understanding,  

that I may know your testimonies.

126 It is time for you to act, O Lord,  

for they frustrate your law.

127 Therefore I love your commandments  

above gold, even much fine gold.

128 Therefore I direct my steps by all your precepts,  

and all false ways I utterly abhor.

17 Pe

129 Your testimonies are wonderful;  

therefore my soul keeps them.

130 The opening of your word gives light;  

it gives understanding to the simple.

131 I open my mouth and draw in my breath,  

as I long for your commandments.

132 Turn to me and be gracious to me,  

as is your way with those who love your name.

133 Order my steps by your word,  

and let no wickedness have dominion over me.

134 Redeem me from earthly oppressors  

so that I may keep your commandments.

135 Show the light of your countenance upon your servant  

and teach me your statutes.

136 My eyes run down with streams of water,  

because the wicked do not keep your law.

18 Tsadhe

137 Righteous are you, O Lord,  

and true are your judgements.

138 You have ordered your decrees in righteousness  

and in great faithfulness.

139 My indignation destroys me,  

because my adversaries forget your word.

140 Your word has been tried to the uttermost  

and so your servant loves it.

141 I am small and of no reputation,  

yet do I not forget your commandments.

142 Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness  

and your law is the truth.

143 Trouble and heaviness have taken hold upon me,  

yet my delight is in your commandments.

144 The righteousness of your testimonies is everlasting;  

O grant me understanding and I shall live.

19 Qoph

145 I call with my whole heart;  

answer me, O Lord, that I may keep your statutes.

146 To you I call, O save me!  

And I shall keep your testimonies.

147 Early in the morning I cry to you,  

for in your word is my trust.

148 My eyes are open before the night watches,  

that I may meditate on your word.

149 Hear my voice, O Lord, according to your faithful love;  

according to your judgement, give me life.

150 They draw near that in malice persecute me,  

who are far from your law.

151 You, O Lord, are near at hand,  

and all your commandments are true.

152 Long have I known of your testimonies,  

that you have founded them for ever.

20 Resh

153 O consider my affliction and deliver me,  

for I do not forget your law.

154 Plead my cause and redeem me;  

according to your promise, give me life.

155 Salvation is far from the wicked,  

for they do not seek your statutes.

156 Great is your compassion, O Lord;  

give me life, according to your judgements.

157 Many there are that persecute and oppress me,  

yet do I not swerve from your testimonies.

158 It grieves me when I see the treacherous,  

for they do not keep your word.

159 Consider, O Lord, how I love your commandments;  

give me life according to your loving-kindness.

160 The sum of your word is truth,  

and all your righteous judgements endure for evermore.

21 Shin

161 Princes have persecuted me without a cause,  

but my heart stands in awe of your word.

162 I am as glad of your word  

as one who finds great spoils.

163 As for lies, I hate and abhor them,  

but your law do I love.

164 Seven times a day do I praise you,  

because of your righteous judgements.

165 Great peace have they who love your law;  

nothing shall make them stumble.

166 Lord, I have looked for your salvation  

and I have fulfilled your commandments.

167 My soul has kept your testimonies  

and greatly have I loved them.

168 I have kept your commandments and testimonies,  

for all my ways are before you.

22 Taw

169 Let my cry come before you, O Lord;  

give me understanding, according to your word.

170 Let my supplication come before you;  

deliver me, according to your promise.

171 My lips shall pour forth your praise,  

when you have taught me your statutes.

172 My tongue shall sing of your word,  

for all your commandments are righteous.

173 Let your hand reach out to help me,  

for I have chosen your commandments.

174 I have longed for your salvation, O Lord,  

and your law is my delight.

175 Let my soul live and it shall praise you,  

and let your judgements be my help.

176 I have gone astray like a sheep that is lost;  

O seek your servant, for I do not forget your commandments.


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